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At Fickpro Clean and restoration, we have always stuck to one major goal and that is provide reliable, quality and budget friendly sanitation solutions for every home, business and institution that call upon our services. To our clients we will always want to be flexible with what our clients need as far as time is concerned since we enjoy being unique and not interfere with your schedules as you go about your day to day activities and that is why we love to interact with our clients to create a detailed schedule that fits your schedules.

Be it that you need a one-time spring cleaning, special event cleaning, or daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly cleaning since those fine little details bring to our attention and personalized services has made us have a healthy relationship with most our clients in and around King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties.

We established the cleaning serves to provide high quality cleaning services to the business class and residences.

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We specialize in providing top quality event cleaning services to a variety of venues. Whether it’s for a concert or movie screening, our staff is ready to take on your next cleaning challenge.

Fickpro clean has specialized in providing the best event cleaning services for your next big occasion. Special events deserve special preparation.

Whether it is a party, sports tournament, concert or convention, you want your organization to look good, and that means a clean, presentable venue.

Fickpro cleaning staff will meet with you to inspect your venue and discuss your cleaning requirements before, during and after the event.


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1. Furniture Upholstery (Sofa) Cleaning

From desk chairs to waiting room couches, these furnishings take on a high level of dirt and grime.
We use environmentally friendly agents that guarantee restoring a brand new sheen of your furniture.

2. Car Upholstery & Interior Cleaning

We will guard your car from stain and odours giving it that brand new look. Vehicle upholstery is very important for healthy and convenient having passengers when driving. We ensure that your vehicle gets that up-to-class upholstery by getting rid of stains and odours while protecting your vehicle’s delicate fabric.

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